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There are people with worse problems in the world than me and I would like to say I’m generally a well adjusted individual but there are says when I feel like one of the biggest fuck ups on the face of the planet. Not saying that’s unwarranted either. I’m not delusional. Too hard on myself maybe but there are things I know I need to change. I’m trying. I just wish it were more clear. I wish a great many things were more clear.

I think the main reason I haven’t worked on this script is because it’s so personal. It’s hard to think past the cloud of emotion that descends everytime I sit down to work on it in order to get a story out. Obviously it can’t be an entire script of 

so I’m taking my time, trying to feel out the highs and lows of such an occurrence. It’s difficult to remember it all after years have passed and emotions have cleared a little. Maybe I should break out old journals or something.

Anyway, it’s coming along now a little easier than before. Hopefully my themes don’t come out too muddled.

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